Soccer Fight is a simple game made for LUDUM DARE 41: the theme is  Combine 2 Incompatible Genres.

Ludum dare link:

You are a soccer player who must survive and kill as many enemies as possibile with the ball!

Move toward the ball to catch it and use the mouse to kick it against the enemies.

Sometimes one of the two goals is activate ( it becomes red and a sound effect is played) and starts moving up and down.

If you hit the goal in this moment, you win a bonus score and a rain of balls will come down from the sky against the enemies!

Hope you enjoy the game and have fun in making the enemies fly around and listening to them weird screams!

Laughs guaranteed!!


A / D : move left and right

Space: jump

Hold down mouse to charge the shoot ( when you have the ball ).. release the mouse to kick the ball.. use the mouse to aim.

Press Left Control while aiming to cancel the shoot.

Mouse Wheel to zoom in/out.

P: pause.

Game made with Unity, for Windows

Install instructions

Extract the zip and run SoccerFight.exe


Download 20 MB

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